Why We Feel We Surpass Our Competition:

-Our staff are highly trained to handle the position they are placed in and have the experience to do it!  We have years of experience in the trucking industry and in compatible fields that help us perform at a level of excellence above our competition.

-We know the lanes and rates!

- There is science behind logistics, and we understand that, we will always put you in the right position so that your next load and the next flow seamlessly together.

-We work on a weekly average and not a per load average.  This means we nonetheless consider what comes next.  Most companies hire dispatchers who just pick the highest paying load out of the area without considering what that means for your next load.  This usually results in a low weekly per mile average.  Why does this matter? Every truck owner should know and understand what goes into figuring cost per mile. What is the cost to operate your truck?  If your weekly average is below your cost per mile for that week then you Lost Money!  We have logistics professionals that don’t just throw a dart at the map, we understand the lanes and make sure that we put you in the best position possible to keep that per mile average to well above you’re cost per mile to assure that you are making an excellent profit margin.

-We start by asking that you supply us with your equipment list, desired schedule, lanes that you prefer to run then we use this information to find for you the best paying loads within these parameters, hauling what you want, where you want, and getting you home when you want! This way you can focus on your driving while we focus on making you Money! 

-You need Professionals that you can trust to do as you want without discussing each individual load with you.  As anyone in this industry knows good loads go quick.  This means having the right person with the knowledge of lanes/rates and who knows your expectations is extremely important.  We can book loads on your behalf with confidence because we know your equipment, capabilities and expectations up front. Our staff is trained to make you money and we can show you samples of lanes our existing trucks run to prove it.

-Shippers praise our level of communication with them on behalf of your trucking company.  We have comments and reviews.

-Our staff will always look out for your best interest, and we will do everything within our ability to make your company is a success. We have references!

-We have experience in starting a trucking company from scratch getting your MC Authority to helping an already established Trucking company.

-We not only know logistics we know Trucking Compliance.  If you are looking for help with trucking compliance, we offer these services as well for an additional fee.

- We have multiple packages available to cover your individual needs. If you don’t see one that fits, let us know and we can tailor one  that works for you.

We feel confident that you will be happy with the services you will receive from us, for this reason we have a simple contract that does not have any cancellation, buyout or termination fees and it can be terminated at any time.​